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RW Garcia Crackers

About Floricon Partners

If you’re a fan of grab and go healthy snacks, then you are at the right place. Floricon Partners collaborates with innovative food companies to bring you unique and great tasting snacks. Floricon Partners are exporters from the United States of healthy grab and go snacks to India, Korea, China, Japan, UK, Hong Kong, Europe, South East Asia, Middle East, Canada, Central America and South America.

People want to buy tasty grab and go snacks. However sadly many snacks on the market today contain added sugar and sodium. Consumers worldwide are now searching for snacks that retain the taste but are health to consume

That is Floricon Partners mission - to deliver products that are just as tasty but all-natural gluten free with healthy all-natural ingredients. Floricon Partners seeks to be your one stop shop for a wide range of healthy grab and go snacks, from small specialty artisan American food producers.

Floricon Partners’ Snacks

There are a variety of healthy grab and go snacks that they are exporting. Currently they offer:

· RW Garcia Crackers

· Nick’s Sticks

· Natures Garden Trail Mix

· Skout’s Organic Protein and Kinds Bar

· Yellow Peas

· Vegan Rob’s

· Envy Juice

· Wisconsin Cheese sticks

One of our customers favorites is RW Garcia Crackers. They are an all-natural and come in many vegetable flavors.


Crackers are dry prepared, flat food. Historically, they are prepared with flour which contains gluten. Then flavors like salt, spices, cheese, or seeds can be added to the mixture.

People can snack on crackers all alone, however they also go with other foods like meat sticks, cheese sticks, dips, fruits or delicate spreads like jam, peanut butter, mousse, or butter.

Moreover, they are grab and go snacks. Healthy crackers give you energy, taste, and can overcome your hunger. Whenever you are in a hurry, you need snacks that are easy crackers are usually one of everyone’s first choices.

Why RW Garcia Crackers?

RW Garcia Crackers are manufactured by the Garcia Family. Thirty years ago, the family decided to prepare tortilla chips that people find mesmerizing. They started working hard in search of recipes that people would find irresistible. They achieved their goal and their snacks are currently accessible throughout the US and worldwide

The US is full of Cracker manufactures, some big some small. We looked at several products and chose R W Garcia. Here’s why:

· Use of Premium Quality Ingredients

· Non-GMO Project Verified (GMO - “Genetically Modified Organism”. Non-GMO means that their products are not produced with genetic engineering and the ingredients of their products are not derived or obtained from GMOs. Furthermore their products are compliant with the Non-GMO Project Standard, which incorporates rigid arrangements for testing, discernibility, and isolation)

· Gluten Free Certified (It means that their products meet the stringent standards for gluten free safety. This certification is for the protection of people with gluten related disorders like celiac disease)

· Products contain no Preservatives

· Products contain no Additives

· Low in Sodium

· High in Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients

Are RW Garcia Crackers Healthy?

Foods which are high in anti-inflammatory ingredients and low in sodium are healthy for humans. These foods can improve your diet quality and lower your blood pressure. They also can help lower your risk of stomach cancer and chronic kidney diseases.

RW Garcia Crackers

RW Garcia combines a variety of healthy and nourishing ingredients to prepare their crackers. These ingredients include vegetables, seeds, and lentils with stone ground corns. The seeds are sprinkled on the dough to give the cracker a crunchy and delicious taste.

There is a variety of crackers that RW Garcia make. They are preparing artisan as well as organic heavenly crackers. You can order whatever variety, even multiple varieties, of crackers you want. We will handle the rest.

All varieties of RW Garcia crackers are

• Three seeds: Sesame, Flaxseed, and Chia

• Non-GMO Project Verified

• Gluten Free Certified

• USDA Organic

• Kosher

• Artisan and Organic

Organic Sweet Potato

· A mesmerizing merge of Corn and Sweet Potato

Organic Kale

· A mesmerizing merge of Kale Greens and White Corn

Organic Sweet Beet

· A mesmerizing merge of Sweet Beets and Corn

Organic Everything

· A Cracker Formed Everything Bagel (It is a kind of bagel which is baked using an enormous assortment of garnishes)

1- Organic Lentil with Turmeric

· A mesmerizing merge of Lentil with a turmeric flavoring and Corn

All of their varieties of crackers are Certified Organic or USDA Organic. It means that 95 percent or more contents and ingredients of the product are organic. The product is free from synthetic additives. Synthetic additives may include chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and dyes.

So,. If you want to import mouth-watering grab and go snacks, contact us. We are your single source for the best “Healthy Grab and Go Snacks” from America


Contact: +1 585 268 3179

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